Quiet Weekend Bachelorette

My little sister is getting married next weekend…hence the absence of posts from my end here. Things have been very busy with work and wedding things, but last weekend my sisters Leigh and Lauren took Lesly up to the lake for a quiet weekend bachelorette getaway. image

Roses for the bride of course. Lesly is not into the whole crazy bachelorette thing, so a getaway to one of NE Indiana’s quiet lakes was just the ticket. The lovely little Cape Cod style cottage belonging to my sister Leigh’s in-laws was a perfect choice!image

We had a Bloody Mary bar that was fantastic. Don’t worry, I’ll share what we did and how you can create your own.image

Another shot of those roses!image

This is perhaps the best Bloody Mary mix I have ever tasted! It certainly proved to be as good as anything I have had out in a restaurant. Leigh and I found the American Spoon while exploring Traverse City, Michigan earlier in July, and the best part is that they ship. I highly recommend purchasing some of this mix, and heck, while you’re ordering check out their jams and preserves as well. I can recommend the Strawberry Rhubarb jam especially.image

Just the Bride enjoying her drink. We ate Shrimp rolls, floated in the lake, took and evening boat ride, drank wine and talked, and had a great time savoring the last experiences before the youngest, and our last unmarried sister ties the knot.

Since two of our sisters, Lindy and Libby, live out of town, we are planning to take her out for an evening of revelry the week before the wedding, but I’m glad we took this chance to get away and spend some time even so.