Some Delays

So I had thought in August that I was going to be redesigning my blog and I didn’t want to put too much effort into the current situation if it was going to change. But that did not happen as I intended and I have learned that the most relevant excuses can throw you off course. I can’t wait for something that might happen in the future, but instead if I am going to do this thing I have to just do it now, and let the changes handle themselves when they actually materialize.

So hopefully the blog redesign is in the near future, but until then I’ll keep doing what I had been doing.

— sorry for the long hiatus.


Home Office

I work from home so one of the first spaces that I really wanted to be completed was my office. Our living room is L shaped and the small end was originally a dining space, but Zach and I decided that we didn’t need two dining spaces. Since I didn’t want to be shut up in one room of the house all day while working and watching our dogs the extra dining space was the perfect solution.


Here is my handy man figuring out how high to hand the shelves. He cleverly figured out how to mount the shelves to white boards that he had attached to the walls directly to the studs. That way we didn’t have to worry about making sure that all the shelf mounts were lined up with studs and offset the placement. With his mounting system we made sure that the shelves were centered like we wanted.IMG_6402 Ikea Besta storage systems on the one wall create the perfect place for me to my office and craft supplies, and display plants and photos.IMG_6404IMG_6408

I liked the paint in the entryway so much that I decided to use it for two walls in my office. I left the third wall white because it connects with the living room and I will eventually paint it the color I do the rest of the room. I love how it turned out. IMG_6423_2

After going crazy sitting all day, I decided a desk that I can stand up at while working is a must. I got the Ikea Finnvard trestle legs and by mistake I grabbed a top that was a little too small but it was only $5 and I have plants to eventually replace it with a great cut of wood.

Zach cut this piece of walnut out in his Grandpa’s woods after finding the tree down. It was not perfectly level so he had left it in his shop for ages where I found it. The second I found it I pounced on it and asked if I could keep it. Zach didn’t care because he told me he could get me a better piece eventually. After sanding it for ages with a belt sander and then using a clear varnish coat on it, its now one of my favorite pieces and a lot of people ask about it. Zach was even surprised how well it turned out.IMG_6431

IMG_3379Although this is before painting, this is usually how things turn out while I am working. I never work alone!



Getting started

DSC_0978This is always the most challenging part of blogging….getting started! At this point, I have started and abandoned numerous blogs, each time trying to get it right and reinventing things when it doesn’t feel perfect. But recently I realized that it will never be perfect, and I can only work on making it better daily.

First off I love idea behind the blogging community, or maybe its just the internet even. Blogging allows us to share  experiences virtually, and enlarges our own circle. I think of it this way. I would turn to my friends and family for advice and opinions, but sometimes non of them have done what I am thinking of doing. What do I do? I turn to the internet and usually can find some sort of blog or publication dealing with what I am considering doing. Suddenly my circle is wider. So if perhaps some of the things I embark on in my life can help someone else seeking advice, it completes the interaction.

So here goes. Another try. Maybe just give me a read or two in case this time things really click.