Blogging Breakfast Fridays

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Friday is my absolute favorite day of the week. Growing up, my Dad only worked half days on Friday and the first Friday of every month he had completely off. When I got old enough to work for him I loved Fridays because the ones we worked were quiet with less of his staff in the office and you were done by lunch time. My obsession with Friday’s was pretty much set in stone, and after spending a year at IPFW in Fort Wayne, Indiana I transferred to a little Christian Liberal Arts University in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver located off of U.S. 6 West as you are heading into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. To my great happiness Colorado Christian University (CCU) did not have Friday classes, instead having Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday options. Friday’s are the beginning of the weekend, and I love that when you reach a Friday you still have the whole weekend to look forward to.

In the last year I have set an intention to carve out time to work on things that I have been meaning to do but never seem to find the time to do. After working on some creative collaborations with and doing some writing for my my hugely talented older sister Leigh from Savage Design Co. (you should really take some time to check her out because her work is incredible), I had more motivation than ever to engage with my creative aspirations. We had a conversation after a wedding shoot with some creatives in the area, where she told me that what was most important was for me to just do it. Forget being ready, having everything “perfect”, and getting it right, I should just get started and edit on my way. I needed to hear this, as this blog has been a huge goal for me that I have never really gotten off the ground for those exact reasons.

Every time I would start a blog I would realize the name was right, or I didn’t have a back log of posts to pad up my home page (because who reads a blog thats in its beginning stages??). Many of us have likely followed blogs over the years and have watched them grow, but rarely does anyone stumble on a blog in its true infancy. Leigh went on to tell me that she has started doing something she coined “Administrative Breakfast Fridays” where she tackles all administration related tasks related to her business that she used to put off before. By taking herself out for breakfast she has not only started to complete the tasks she used to previously avoid, but also begun to look forward to her Friday morning each week. Thus was born Blogging Breakfast Fridays for Très so that I would have one day a week dedicated to getting some writing done.

Sometimes I take myself out but not every time, and I haven’t been completely habitual in my Friday dedication. However, the intention is there, and because of that I have noticed far more motivation during the week to log things that will go into the blog on the next Friday, and I have finally gotten the motivation to actually publish, instead of waiting for ever for perfection that I will never reach.


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