Steal of a Deal

This weekend was our official town-wide garage sale. After yoga this morning, I decided to take a spin through a few neighborhoods to see what was out there since I had found a great old picture frame and mat for $3 the night before. I have been collecting frames and matting to makeover so I was thrilled to find this baby to add to that collection. You can read more about the gallery wall DIY process here.



The picture in this frame is pretty awful. Actually the whole thing is pretty outdated. The frame is a little more ornate than I would choose perhaps if I was purchasing it from a store, but as I didn’t I can live with it. Still trying to decide if this baby should be black or white.

I found the frame while I was driving back into town Friday afternoon and almost passed on it, but then decided to turn around and go back. That seems to be my style with garage sales because today I did the same thing. I saw this table from the road and drove by three times before deciding to stop and get out. I know.
FullSizeRender 11


From the road it looked pretty promising, but there have been a few occasions that I have been disappointed on closer inspection by what looks to be a great piece from the road. This coffee table was bigger than I thought from the road, but other than wear on the top it was in great condition. The price listed it at $10, and then the owner said that everything was half price to help get rid of it all since it was Saturday. I had to hide my excitement when I heard him say it would be $5. It was very sturdy and I decided it would hold up to my rambunctious brood of dogs better than my current table was.
FullSizeRender 12

I love how it goes with my couch (Ikea Karlstad!) and the style is a lot more me than the other coffee table.



This is not my current living room setup, but it shows the tiny little coffee table that we were using before. The picture doesn’t show it but it has a mirror top. It was an antique from that belonged to my Grandma, but the joints were all rickety and the constant tussling of the dogs knocking up against it was taking its toll. I really don’t want to lose it because it was my Grandma’s, so I have been thinking about finding a replacement for a while.FullSizeRender 13I love how this table ended up working perfectly. Piper, our German Shorthair Pointer absolutely loves it already.



The detail of the wood is incredible, and the dovetail joints add a unique flair to the top of the table. Other than surface damage its in wonderful condition, and I am grateful there are no deep gauges in the wood that couldn’t be fixed by a light sanding.

After a little research on it, I found that my $5 deal was an incredible steal. The Acclaim coffee table was made by Lane Furniture base in Altevista, Virginia in 1960. In addition to being a great quality piece that was expensive in its day, it is going for between $200-$300 today, sometimes even more. I’d say that’s a pretty good days work for bargain hunting. I can’t wait to get the top sanded off and refinished and I’ll be sure to document how that goes.



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