Dinning Room

Our dining room/kitchen is a blank slate. The previous owners had taken up the flooring before we purchased the house and it is still sub-flooring currently because we want to remodel the kitchen and do some great tile, but our in between solution will be some linoleum (meh) as soon as we can get it. In the mean time, I have been working on getting everything else the way I want it.



At first after getting married Zach and I were borrowing a round table from his parents but it was only a temporary arrangement and I wanted to get a table that we could fit more people around for Sunday brunches, etc..

After looking around I realized the table I wanted was pretty much out of our budget at the moment. I considered building a table, but I couldn’t decide on exactly what I wanted. In the end I decided spending $200 on the Ikea Bjursta extendable table was a good way of getting us a table we could keep and allow us to have more seating space.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 4.59.37 PM


The table can seat 6-10, which for the price was perfect. Plus I have a set of dining chairs that I had been itching to get out and redo and they would work with the Bjursta table.



I couldn’t wait to take a picture of the table after I set it up with the chairs in place, and you can even see the old table dismantled against the wall.



The chairs were waiting room chairs from my Dad’s dental office. They are 1970s so technically a little after the midcentury design phase, but they are similar style. The original upholstery on the chairs was a dark brown tweed and the backs the same color of leather, and then my Dad had them redone with this fabric. Considering the state of the house when we bought it these chairs would have fit in perfectly with the 70s era decor. Perhaps I should have kept it and done a retro look!

IMG_6376_2I decided to do a similar look to the original chairs by doing the backs in leather and the seats in fabric. I love how they turned out and you can read about how I redid them here.

FullSizeRender 9

I love how the chairs turned out and how they look with the new table. I contemplated refinishing the chairs a darker stain to match the table, but since the table will likely be replaced as soon as I can I decided to keep them original.

FullSizeRender 10





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