Our home has certainly been a slow process in making it over. In a lot of ways thats a good thing because it allows me to have a lot of time to decide on exactly what I want to do. In a lot of other ways its a little frustrating too.

Our entry way needed some serious attention. After my mother-in-law removed the terrible old wallpaper the walls were rough and covered in old wallpaper adhesive.  I really wasn’t looking forward to sanding the hole thing but it turned out with a coat of Zinsser paint primer and a little light sanding, the texture disappeared under the three coats of dark gray paint.


The walls before priming and painting. The wallpaper did a real number on the walls.

The walls were uneven so I quickly did a light sanding over them to work out any of the really rough patches.


After the coat of primer the walls already looked so much better. Check out my styling linoleum…



When I first started painting I send a picture to my Zach while he was at the hospital. He nervously texted back, “Are you painting the walls black?” “It’s charcoal gray,” I replied. “It will look good. Trust me.” This is usually how our interactions go as far as home decor.


After finishing the entire entryway, the hanging lamp got some new life. Something about the color scheme I went with (and a thorough cleaning) made the light suddenly look pretty good. Instead of feeling like I needed to replace it immediately, I actually don’t mind it at all in the space and that gives me more time to find exactly what I want for the right price for its replacement.


I’d really like to get the front doors replaced soon and do a large door with side panel windows to let in more natural light. IMG_6069

I love how striking the color is from down the hall. You can see my weird lighting plug-in system in this photo. It is the oddest thing. IMG_6158



Without meaning to I started a collage of mirrors on the wall above our entryway console. Zach purchased the antique desk at an estate sale for me as a gift after I graduated with my Bachelors degree. Although it doesn’t functionally work for me as a desk, I love it in the entryway.

The photo collage that spells our last name was a wedding gift from a dear friend and my former piano teacher. We have a coat closet in the hallway, but I know Zach well enough to realize that we needed some places to hang things easily without using hangers, or they would just end up draped on furniture. Some antique cast iron hooks underneath that were my grandma’s were the perfect solution.IMG_6171_2 Here is a better view of the desk that acts as a console. I found two vintage school chairs at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $5 and the mint green goes perfect in the entryway, and makes the floor more tolerable.IMG_6181The finished result got Eddie’s stamp of approval, which is of course the only opinion that truly counts.



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