Getting started

DSC_0978This is always the most challenging part of blogging….getting started! At this point, I have started and abandoned numerous blogs, each time trying to get it right and reinventing things when it doesn’t feel perfect. But recently I realized that it will never be perfect, and I can only work on making it better daily.

First off I love idea behind the blogging community, or maybe its just the internet even. Blogging allows us to share  experiences virtually, and enlarges our own circle. I think of it this way. I would turn to my friends and family for advice and opinions, but sometimes non of them have done what I am thinking of doing. What do I do? I turn to the internet and usually can find some sort of blog or publication dealing with what I am considering doing. Suddenly my circle is wider. So if perhaps some of the things I embark on in my life can help someone else seeking advice, it completes the interaction.

So here goes. Another try. Maybe just give me a read or two in case this time things really click.


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